RoLR notice issued for Flow Systems Pty Ltd's Retailer of Last Resort Event

The AER has issued a RoLR (Retailer of Last Resort) notice in relation to electricity retailer Flow Systems Pty Ltd (Flow Systems). This follows Flow Systems going into voluntary administration on 20 December 2018.

The AER has decided not to revoke Flow System’s authorisation to sell electricity at this time.

Flow Systems’ administrators and the AER have been in regular contact. Flow Systems’ administrators have advised the AER that it has sufficient funding to continue to operate until the business is sold. The AER is satisfied that Flow Systems can continue to operate as an authorised retailer up until the sale process is finalised. This means that Flow Systems’ customers will continue to receive their electricity supply and will not be required to make their own supply arrangements.

Flow Systems supplies electricity to customers in embedded networks. Flow Systems has approximately 2,000 customers, mainly residential, in five embedded network sites in Queensland and New South Wales.

The AER is monitoring the situation and will provide further information to stakeholders and customers if required.

Issued date: 
15 February 2019
AER reference: 
AC 17/19
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