SWQP access arrangement - review trigger mechanism

The South West Queensland Pipeline (SWQP) access arrangement contains a 'review trigger mechanism' (clause 13(c)) which provides for a review of the access arrangement before the scheduled review date if a specified event occurs.

The service provider, Epic Energy Queensland Pty Ltd (Epic Energy), has confirmed that the flow of gas on the SWQP has been reversed and therefore a specified event has occurred. However, Epic Energy has indicated in a letter dated 9 November 2007 that the review of the access arrangement should be deferred.

At this stage the ACCC proposes to commence the formal review process on 1 July 2008. The ACCC's reasons for adopting this course of action are set out fully in the attached public notice.

The ACCC understands that the proposed new National Gas Law (NGL) is expected to commence on, or soon after, 1 July 2008. During this transition period, the ACCC will monitor any legislative developments which may have implications for the review of the SWQP access arrangement.

If interested parties have any preliminary queries and/or wish to make submissions in relation to this issue, these may be sent electronically to aerinquiry@aer.gov.au.

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Issued date: 
28 March 2008
AER reference: 
AC 101/08