Victorian gas transmission tariffs for 2019

The AER today published its approval of network tariff variation notice for APA Victorian Transmission System (APA VTS) for 2019.

The AER’s role is to assess a pipeline’s proposed changes in reference tariffs for compliance with the price controls set out in that pipeline’s access arrangement. The AER has found APA VTS’ revised proposed reference tariffs for 1 January 2019, submitted on 7 December 2018, to be compliant with its 2018-22 Access arrangement.

The moderate increase in the transmission network tariffs will have a very small impact on the end customer’s gas bill. Assuming retailers apply a straight pass through of the transmission network charge to customers, this would mean a retail bill price increase of $1 per annum for residential customers or $8 per annum for small business customers. These tariff increases are the minimum required for the network businesses to continue to provide a safe and reliable service and to meet regulatory obligations.

Issued date: 
20 December 2018
AER reference: 
AC 162/18
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