Victorian Public Lighting Classification

The AER intends to depart from the classification of all dedicated public lighting services as negotiated services. In light of substantial customer concerns raised by stakeholders after the submission of initial regulatory proposals, the AER is of the view that there are unforeseen circumstances which justify departure from this classification published in our Final Framework And Approach Paper (October, 2014).

That would mean not proceeding with the negotiated classification for dedicated public lights in the forthcoming 2016–20 regulatory control period.   Rather, all public lighting services would be regulated as alternative control services in the forthcoming period.

To be clear, the implementation of this in the distribution determination would mean that the classification of public lighting in 2011-15 will continue to apply in 2016–20. There would be no distinction between standalone and dedicated public lighting, all of which would be classified as an alternative control service.

Issued date: 
3 August 2015
AER reference: 
AC 117/15