Choosing a retailer

Energy retailers sell energy to you and bill you for the service.

Getting the right deal

Shopping around may help you to find a better deal for your energy service. Use an online comparison tool or contact other energy retailers to compare deals.

The following are some key things to consider when you start shopping around:

  • Check with your current energy retailer to see if you can get a better deal from them.
  • Also check with your retailer about billing options available and the payment method that best suits your needs.
  • Before you start your search it's a good idea to have copies of your last few bills with you. This will tell you how much energy you use and the price you pay which will make it easier to compare other offers.
  • If you decide to change your mind about a new contract, you have 10 business days (from the date on which you signed the contract with your new retailer) to cancel without incurring any charge.
  • If you are on a fixed term contract check whether you will be charged a fee if you switch before the contract has expired.

Make sure that after you switch retailers you arrange to pay your final bill and any outstanding amounts you owe to your old retailer.

New connection

If you need to establish a new connection to the electricity network (for example, if you build a new home) contact your local area retailer - the authorised retailer who must provide you with an energy contract if you need one.