Making a complaint

There are a number of steps you can take if you are having a problem with your energy service, retailer or distributor. Following these steps can help you take action to resolve your problem. If you have a problem with your electricity or gas retailer this factsheet explains the steps you can take to resolve it:

AER Fact sheet - What can I do if I have a complaint about my energy service? - December 2021 ( PDF 117.98 KB )

Contact your energy retailer or distributor

Contact your energy retailer or distributor as soon as possible to explain the problem and the outcome you want. In many cases a phone call can fix the problem.

If you are unhappy with the initial response you can ask to speak to a senior manager or put your concerns in writing – that way your energy provider is clearly aware of the problem and what you want, and you also have a record of your contact.

When contacting your energy provider about your complaint (either by phone or in writing) you should:

  • give them your name and your account number
  • explain the problem
  • explain the outcome you want
  • outline the steps you will take if you and your energy provider cannot resolve the problem
  • ask for a response within a reasonable timeframe – for example, 2 weeks or 10 business days.

Make sure you keep copies of any letters, emails or documents that you send as well as details of any calls you make or people you speak with.

Contact your electricity or gas retailer for questions about:

  • getting connected to the network
  • arranging for supply of electricity or gas to your home or business
  • concerns with salespeople or how the service was sold to you
  • your rights in relation to cancelling or varying a contract
  • a new contract that you think was entered into without your consent
  • billing issues.

Contact your electricity or gas distributor for questions about:

  • your electricity and gas meters
  • power lines and gas pipelines connecting your property to the network in your street
  • power or gas outages
  • problems with supply quality such as low frequency (for example, when your lights dim).

The AER makes determinations on customer connection disputes with electricity distribution businesses under Part 10 of the National Electricity Law. Disputes arise when a customer is unable to reach agreement with a distribution business on the terms and conditions of connecting to the network.

Contacting energy ombudsman schemes

If you are having difficulty resolving a problem directly with your energy provider you can contact the energy ombudsman scheme in your area. The ombudsman offers free, independent and impartial dispute resolution services, and can help you resolve problems you have with your energy provider when you have not been able to do so directly.

Translated information for energy consumers

The AER has developed a suite of translated materials for consumers that speak a language other than English to help them learn more about how to save money on their energy bills and how to get help if they’re having trouble paying their bills or have a problem with their energy company.

If you have a complaint about the AER

If you have a complaint or feedback about the Australian Energy Regulator please refer to our service charter.