Switching retailers

It is easy to shop around and find a gas or electricity offer that works best for your household.

Under the new National Energy Retail Law the AER has developed a new energy price comparison website Energy Made Easy.

See our online comparison tools page for more information on Energy Made Easy and links to each of the current regulators’ price comparison websites and for tips and information on how you can use these websites to choose an energy offer which suits your needs.

Remember that even if you do switch energy retailers you will still have the same electricity and gas supply to your property. The distributor, the company who owns the poles, wires and pipes connecting your property to the network, will not change.

The AER has produced factsheets on choosing an energy retailer and energy contracts.

Shopping around and changing your electricity or gas offer ( DOCX 99.45 KB | PDF 147.83 KB )

Case Study

Layla and Antonio save by comparing offers and switching

Visiting the Energy Made Easy website helped this South Australian family of 5 save hundreds of dollars each year and pick up some energy saving tips.

Case Study - Layla and Antonio's story ( PDF 194.35 KB )