Regulatory investment test disputes

The AER resolves disputes about the application of both the regulatory investment test for transmission (RIT-T) and regulatory investment test for distribution (RIT-D) by network businesses. Information about how the AER resolves disputes for the RIT-T and RIT-D can be found:

Both documents provide a summary of the process, each party, including the AER, must follow for the relevant dispute resolution process under the Electricity Rules. They also provide information on who may dispute a RIT-T or RIT-D assessment; what matters can be disputed; and how to lodge a dispute.

RIT-D disputes

RIT-T disputes

Access dispute concerning public lighting

The AER is the dispute resolution body for access disputes between access seekers and electricity distributors for negotiated distribution services, under chapter 10 of the National Electricity Law. A dispute may cover one or more aspects of access to a service. The prospective user, user or service provider may notify the AER, in writing, that an access dispute exists.

South Australia Public Lighting Dispute