Gas prices

Financial year average prices are shown for the Victorian gas market, STTM hubs in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney, and the Wallumbilla Gas Supply Hub (GSH) at SEQ and WAL trading locations.

For the Victorian gas market, the average is a straight average of the daily imbalance prices.*

* These are imbalance weighted prices that use imbalance volumes (changes in the scheduled quantity) and prices for the five forecasting schedules across each gas day.

For the STTM, the average is a straight average of the daily ex ante (day ahead forecast) gas market prices in each hub.

For the GSH locations, the average is a volume weighted average of exchange traded (on screen) products traded the day ahead of the gas delivery day.**

** note that trades on the exchange trading platform do not necessarily occur every day.

YTD data is current at 1 April 2024.

Line graph of financial year average prices as described above. See the CSV below for data.