Annual gas compliance reports 2015–16

Annual compliance
Release date: 
9 June 2017


The AER has published an Overview of the 2015–16 National Gas Law (NGL) compliance process. The AER receives annual compliance reports from gas transmission and distribution pipeline service providers. These reports are submitted in response to an annual regulatory information order made by the AER on 7 November 2008 under section 48 of the NGL.

We have assessed each response to the Order against the relevant NGL and NGR obligations and found that all pipeline operators, except Jemena Gas Networks (JGN), have not reported any breaches regarding the obligations covered by the Order.

JGN reported two events, involving 47 customers, of inadvertent discloser of private meter data to a third party. It advised that remedial actions had been implemented to prevent recurrences. JGN also advised that no person or entity has suffered detriment as a result of the disclosure.

The above breaches occurred during the period for implementing a new IT system because of human error (1 case); and temporary disconnection to AEMO’s customer information server leading to sending meter data to wrong retailers of 46 customers who switched retailer between 5:00pm on 26 April 2016 and 8:00am of 2 May 2016. Details of such incidences are provided in JGN's report.

We consider that both unauthorised information disclosure events relate to either or both (1) failure to anticipate the risks associated with the IT system change over; and/or (2) failure to adequately plan to manage such risk. We have instructed JGN to:

  • review its current quality assurance procedures, including staff training, to ensure that similar events would not recur in future.
  • report back to us within three months to confirm the completion of the review and any corrective actions taken to reduce risk of further breaches.
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