Determinations & Access Arrangements

The AER is responsible for the economic regulation of electricity transmission and distribution networks and gas transmission and distribution pipelines in all Australian jurisdictions except Western Australia. Transmission refers to the transport of energy (electricity and gas) from the production source (generators or gas fields) to large end users and distribution businesses. Energy is transported through transmission networks (wires for electricity and pipelines for gas) that stretch across Australia. Distribution pipelines and electricity networks link the transmission systems to end users.

Regulated electricity network businesses must periodically apply to the AER to assess their revenue requirements (typically, every five years). Regulated pipeline providers are also required to periodically submit an access arrangement to the AER for approval. The AER regulatory determination calendar shows the key milestones and associated dates for each upcoming electricity and gas regulatory reset, and provides a summary of the regulatory determination process under the National Electricity Rules. The latest version of the calendar includes the key milestones and associated dates for the Northern Territory which transferred responsibility for electricity network regulation to the AER commencing on 1 July 2016.
AER - Regulatory determination calendar 2018-2027 (updated December 2019) ( PDF 87.95 KB )