Powerlink - Contingent project South Pine to Sandgate 2007

Commencement date: 
5 November 2007
Effective date: 
8 July 2008


On 5 November 2007 the AER received an application from Powerlink, the Queensland electricity transmission service provider, requesting approval to amend its current revenue determination to meet the additional cost of undergrounding a section of a project to support the augmentation of supply to the north-eastern Brisbane area (South Pine to Sandgate).  The application was considered in accordance with Powerlink’s 2007-12 Transmission Network Revenue Cap (June 2007).

On 25 June 2007 Powerlink provided the AER with a copy of the planning approval document from the Queensland Minister for Mines and Energy in relation to the South Pine to Sandgate (undergrounding route) contingent project.

On 13 December 2007 the AER conditionally approved Powerlink’s application.

On 8 July 2008 the AER announced it was satisfied that Powerlink had met the requirements of the AER decision as set out in its Statement of reasons and adjusted Powerlink’s 2007/08 to 2011/12 revenue cap for the expected maximum allowed revenue to take account of the South Pine to Sandgate contingent project.