Jemena - Cost allocation method 2015

Commencement date: 
23 July 2014
Effective date: 
1 January 2015


Jemena's cost allocation method (CAM) governs the manner in which Jemena is allowed to allocate costs to the distribution services that it provides. The allocation of costs between the services is required to accurately represent the costs incurred in providing those services. This prevents cross-subsidisation between the distribution and other services that Jemena provides.

Jemena submitted a draft of their proposed CAM on 23 July 2014. Jemena's amendments sought to improve the accuracy of reporting of overhead costs and update the CAM for changes in organisational structure since its previous CAM was approved. On 19 December 2014 the AER approved the amended CAM. The CAM will commence operation from 1 January 2015.

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