Aurora Energy - Amendment of OTTER accounting ring-fencing guideline 2012

Ring fencing guideline
Date initiated: 
1 March 2013
Date completed: 
28 June 2013
Effective date: 
28 June 2013


The AER assumed responsibility for the economic regulation of distribution services provided by Aurora Energy from 1 July 2012. On 28 June 2013, the AER made a decision to amend the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator’s (OTTER) accounting ring-fencing guidelines waiving Aurora Energy's distribution business's obligation to prepare regulatory accounts in accordance with the guidelines. In the future, Aurora Energy will report information in accordance with the AER’s annual reporting requirements. From 28 June 2013 the guidelines no longer applied to Aurora Energy's distribution business.

In October 2013 OTTER clarified that its Accounting ringfencing guideline no longer applies to Aurora's retail business, as that business is now subject to regulation through National Energy Retail Law arrangements.

As the guideline no longer has any effect, it has been removed from this page. Further explanation of the issue is available at the OTTER website.