Essential Energy (Country Energy) - Revenue and tariff models 2009-14

Revenue and tariff model
Date completed: 
28 April 2009
Effective date: 
1 July 2009


Included are the post-tax revenue model (PTRM) and roll-forward model (RFM) from the AER’s final decisions on DNSPs’ standard control services. Separate models are included where the AER’s final decisions have been revised by the Australian Competition Tribunal, or by judicial review.

The various AER decision documents remain the primary source of information regarding the interpretation of the revenues and tariffs in the models. The models may reflect unique business circumstances and jurisdictional differences.

Due to confidentiality concerns, details on the specific charges, sales quantities and revenues by tariff have been combined in the PTRM. As a result, the smoothing aspect of the PTRM is no longer functional. However, the underlying annual revenue requirement calculations are still functional.