Export service incentive scheme

Date completed: 
7 July 2023
Date initiated: 
10 March 2023
Effective date: 
7 July 2023
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On 10 March 2023, the AER published its draft export service incentive scheme (the Scheme). The Scheme allows distribution network service providers (DNSPs) to propose bespoke incentives related to export services based on their network circumstances, customer preferences and evidence-based performance data. The Scheme is a product of the AER's consultation with stakeholders on incentivising and measuring export service performance, which considered appropriate incentive arrangements for export services to balance existing incentive schemes related to consumption services.

The Scheme is designed to encourage DNSPs to engage with their customers and provide export services in accordance with their preferences. It allows us to set targets for DNSP export service performance and require DNSPs to report on performance against those targets. DNSPs may be financially rewarded or penalised depending on how they perform against their export service targets.

On 28th April 2023, submissions to the draft export service incentive scheme closed. We received eleven submissions.