Guidance note - Amendments to NER PTRM for EII revenue determinations

Date initiated: 
5 May 2023
Date completed: 
31 May 2023
Effective date: 
1 June 2023
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On 5 May 2023 the AER published its draft guidance note on amending the post-tax revenue model (PTRM) as issued under the National Electricity Rules (NER) for use in non-contestable revenue determinations under the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Act 2020 (NSW) (EII Act) and Electricity Infrastructure Investment Regulation 2021 (NSW) (EII Regulation).

This draft guidance note aims to outline the AER’s expectations about which functions of the NER-prescribed electricity transmission PTRM need to be amended to be consistent with the requirements of the EII framework. The draft guidance is intended to ensure the minimal amount of modifications are made to the model such that a Network Operator or other stakeholders familiar with the NER PTRM are able to operate and apply the EII PTRM.

Submissions on the draft guidance note are open until 19 May 2023.