Post-tax revenue model - June 2008 amendment

Post tax revenue model
Date initiated: 
1 November 2007
Effective date: 
26 June 2008


The National Electricity Rules (NER) required the AER develop and publish certain guidelines, models and schemes that will be applied to distribution network service providers. On 26 June 2008, in accordance with clause 6.4.1(c) of the NER, the AER published a post-tax revenue model, an associated handbook and final decision document.

Since that time the AER identified several non-consequential errors and issued a corrected version of the model on 19 June 2009. Details of the corrections are listed in the amendment record of the model, refer to Appendix B Amended distribution post-tax revenue model (19 June 2009) for further information. The associated handbook has not been amended.