Ring-fencing guideline (electricity distribution) 2017

Ring fencing guideline
Date initiated: 
4 July 2017
Effective date: 
17 October 2017
General enquiries - Ring-fencing AERringfencing@aer.gov.au


This Guideline has been superseded.

On 17 October 2017 the AER published the final amended Ring-fencing Guideline (Guideline) and Explanatory Statement.


On 4 July 2017, we published our proposed Draft Amended Ring-fencing Guideline and accompanying Explanatory Statement.

The Guideline amendment process is intended to address the need for improved clarity of certain terms and definitions used in the Guideline and to address unintended consequences stemming from the way the Guideline is presently drafted. This will facilitate compliance with the Guideline by electricity distributors by 1 January 2018. It is not intended to reconsider other aspects of the Guideline or look at any broader changes.

Proposed changes in the Draft Amended Ring-fencing Guideline cover the following aspects:

  • definition of a ‘related electricity service provider’
  • branding
  • emergency response
  • information disclosure
  • staff sharing registers
  • sharing of information
  • obligations on contractors to DNSPs, and
  • other minor changes.