Standardised models for regulated metering services

Date initiated: 
25 October 2021
Effective date: 
31 March 2022
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We are responsible for the economic regulation of metering services in the national energy market. The types of regulated metering services vary across jurisdictions, which can include the maintenance, reading, data services and recovery of capital costs related to installing meters.

On 25 October, we opened consultation on the preliminary standardised models for regulated metering services. Submissions closed on 19 November. The standardised metering models are intended to replace the specific models currently used by distribution network service providers (distributors).

Standardised metering models will streamline our assessment processes and improve the efficiency, accuracy and transparency of our determinations. Standardised models that include only key information in a simple and consistent format across regulatory proposals may also provide stakeholders such as retailers and end consumers greater scope to engage in our distribution determinations.

Following consultation with stakeholders, we have developed a final standardised metering capex and opex model and a final standardised metering pricing model for use in future electricity distribution determinations. The standardised models would replace the distribution network service provider (distributor)–specific metering models they submit as part of their regulatory proposals.