United Energy - Determination of reporting on jurisdictional schemes

Jurisdictional scheme
Date initiated: 
30 November 2011
Effective date: 
27 February 2012


Request for determination of reporting on jurisdictional schemes

United Energy Distribution on 30 November 2011, requested the AER to determine how each DNSP is to report on its recovery of Transitional Feed in Tariff Scheme payments for each of the remaining years of the current regulatory control period, and on adjustments for over and under recovery of such payments.

The NER requires that a DNSP must submit to the AER a written statement which amongst other things details as to how the DNSP proposes to:

  • estimate jurisdictional scheme amounts
  • carry out adjustments to jurisdictional scheme amounts; and
  • report to the AER on the recovery process.

The AER is required to publish these statements as soon as practicable and make a determination in accordance with 6.6.1A of the NER within 60 business days of receiving a statement.

The AER approved Victorian DNSPs' proposals on 27 February 2012.