Rio Tinto and Blair Athol Joint Venture network exemption

Individual exemption
Exemption class: 
Notice status: 
Current notice
Effective date: 
Facility description: 
The Exemption applies to the distribution system that is owned, controlled and/or operated by the Applicants and comprises (a) the Blair Athol Line up to the point of connection with the Clermont Mine as described in the application for exemption, made on behalf of the Applicant, dated 17 March 2010; and (b) the overhead electric line from a point of supply on the Blair Athol Line to the points of connection with QR Network Pty Ltd's equipment situated within Lot 25 on CLM594 as described in the application to amend the exemption, made on behalf of the Applicant, dated 20 September 2011.
AER reference: 
AER-N 0002/11
  • Rio Tinto Coal Australia Pty Limited
  • Queensland Coal Pty Ltd
  • Leichhardt Coal Pty Limited
  • J-Power Australia Pty Ltd
  • JCD Australia Pty Ltd
Blair Athol Coal Mine Clermont, QLD


On 27 September 2011, the AER approved a variation to an existing exemption held by the Applicants. The previous exemption dated 24 May 2010 was repealed and replaced by this exemption. The exemption was granted under clause 2.5.1 of the NER in accordance with the AER's former Electricity NSP Registration Exemption Guideline, and is subject to the conditions set out in the Exemption Instrument.