Transmission network service provider performance report 2008-09

Network performance report
Release date: 
30 June 2011


The report is prepared each year using information provided by the transmission network service providers (TNSPs) under the National Electricity Rules. The report focuses on the revenue and expenditure performance of the networks.  Information is presented on the TNSPs’ profitability and investment outcomes, comparing actual expenditure with those forecast in the original revenue cap decisions.

Electricity regulatory reports generally detail the financial and service standards performance of relevant TNSPs within the National Electricity Market over a financial year.

Regulatory reports are a useful tool and provide significant benefits, such as:

  •  facilitating informed public input into future decisions by the AER
  •  allowing public scrutiny of annual TNSP performance against revenue caps
  •  providing greater transparency of the regulatory process.

This report relates to the performance of Electricity TNSP’s in 2008-09. TNSPs covered in this report were Directlink, ElectraNet, EnergyAustralia, Murraylink, Powerlink, SP AusNet, Transend, TransGrid and AEMO.

Please note: In February 2011 the AER amended the published performance report of December 2010. The amendments relate to corrections of ElectraNet’s RAB on page 12, opex on page 46 and insertion of a footnote that notes ElectraNet’s interest during construction on page 54.