AusNet Services (formerly SPI PowerNet) - Ring fencing waiver 2005 - request for revocation

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Commencement date: 
19 October 2004
Effective date: 
2 March 2005
General inquiries - Ring-fencing


On 16 August 2019 the AER received a request from AusNet Services to revoke the waiver granted to SPI Powernet (AusNet Transmission's former trading name). The request stated that AusNet Transmission no longer required the waiver in order to maintain compliance with the Transmission Ring-fencing Guidelines. On 2 September 2019, the AER published a draft decision to revoke the waiver.

Invitation for submissions

In accordance with the Transmission Consultation Procedures laid out in Chapter 6 Part H of the National Electricity Rules we now invite stakeholders to make submissions in response to this draft decision and explanatory statement by 14 October 2019.


In March 2005 the AER granted a waiver to SPI Powernet (now AusNet Services) to allow it not to comply with clause 7(a)(ii) of the Transmission Ring-fencing Guidelines. The waiver was granted because the public benefits generated through compliance were outweighed by the administrative costs that would be imposed.