Endeavour Energy - Ring-fencing waiver (streamlined process) - February 2023

Commencement date: 
13 February 2023
Effective date: 
13 February 2023
General enquiries - Ring-fencing AERringfencing@aer.gov.au


On 15 December 2022 Endeavour Energy submitted a waiver application under clause 5.2 of the Ring-fencing guideline (electricity distribution). Endeavour Energy requested that the AER waive their obligations under clause 3.1 to conduct a trial with a confidential retail partner, by leasing three battery energy storage systems. The AER considered this waiver under its streamlined assessment process for waivers.

The AER submitted a request for further information on 21 December 2022, which was provided on 20 January 2023 along with an amended application. While the AER has an assessment target of 20 business days under the streamlined assessment process, that target was paused whilst Endeavour Energy responded to the AER's request.

On 13 February 2023 the AER granted a waiver to Endeavour Energy, with conditions.