Energex and Ergon Energy - Regulatory accounts Ring-fencing waiver 2011

Commencement date: 
4 August 2011
Effective date: 
24 October 2011
Service provider/Asset: 


On 4 August and 17 August 2011, Energex and Ergon Energy applied to the AER for a waiver of clauses 1(c), 1(d) and 2 of the Queensland Ring-Fencing Guidelines in respect of regulatory accounts. The waiver seeks to avoid reporting duplication in preparing regulatory accounts.

On 12 September 2011, the AER published its draft decision to approve the waiver applications. No submissions to the draft decision were received by the AER.

On 24 October 2011, the AER released its final decision to approve Energex’s and Ergon Energy’s applications for a waiver of specific clauses of the Queensland Ring-fencing Guidelines.

The AER’s final decision is to waive the clauses of the Guidelines which require the Queensland DNSPs to maintain and report regulatory accounts as developed by the Queensland Competition Authority. In the future, this information will be reported in accordance with the AER’s annual reporting requirements.