Ergon Energy - Photovoltaic installations ring-fencing waiver 2011

Commencement date: 
16 March 2011
Effective date: 
25 May 2011
Service provider/Asset: 


On 25 May 2011, the AER approved Ergon Energy’s ring-fencing waiver application in respect of photovoltaic (PV) installations Ergon Energy owns and operates on its office buildings and depots.


On 16 March 2011, Ergon Energy applied to the AER for a waiver under the Queensland Ring-Fencing Guidelines. These guidelines prevent Ergon Energy from producing electricity. Given that PV installations produce electricity, Ergon Energy was required to seek a waiver to the guidelines from the AER to be able to own and operate such installations.

On 21 April 2011, the AER published its draft decision to approve the waiver application. One submission to the draft decision from Ergon Energy was received by the AER.

The AER’s final decision is to allow a waiver to the guidelines in respect of Ergon Energy’s PV installations. This waiver is limited to a total generation capacity of 300 kilowatts for all PV devices installed (or to be installed) on Ergon Energy’s office buildings and depots.