Ergon Energy - Ring-fencing waiver 2015

Commencement date: 
29 October 2015
Effective date: 
5 February 2016


On 5 February 2016 the AER released its final decision on Ergon Energy's ring fencing waiver application for GUSS units. The AER's final decision is to grant a conditional and temporary waiver.


On 29 October 2015 we received an application from Ergon Energy for a waiver from section 1(b) of the Queensland Ring Fencing Guidelines (the Guidelines).

The application relates to operation of Ergon Energy’s Grid Utility Support System (GUSS) units incorporating battery storage. Section 1(b) of the Guidelines requires that a distribution network service provider (DNSP) must not carry on a related business within that legal entity. The glossary to the Guidelines defines a related business as the business of producing, purchasing or selling electricity.

We published a notice on Friday 20 November 2015 in The Australian newspaper calling for submissions on Ergon Energy’s application. Submissions closed on 7 December 2015.