Central West Pipeline (Marsden to Dubbo) - gas transmission network

APA Group
APA Group
Covered by regulation: 
Yes (Light)
State of the Energy Market 2014


The Central West Pipeline constructed in 1998, consists of approximately 255 kilometres of gas transmission network in the state of New South Wales. The Pipeline is supplied from the Moomba Sydney Pipeline* at Marsden and transports gas to regional towns in western NSW, terminating at Dubbo.

Covered by regulation' pipelines are subject to regulatory arrangements under the National Gas Law. The AER regulates pipelines outside Western Australia (where the Economic Regulation Authority is the regulator).

*Coverage of the Moomba to Sydney Pipeline was partly revoked in 2003. The revoked portion runs from Moomba to the offtake point of the Central West Pipeline at Marsden. The covered portion became a light regulation pipeline in 2008.