AER comments on determinations

The AER has not revoked its determinations for Networks NSW and ACTEWAGL.

The National Electricity Rules expressly provide for a process to correct clerical mistakes, accidental slips and mis-descriptions – the ‘slip rule’. The rules refer to this process as revocation and substitution. The AER has consulted with the businesses in regards to this possibility but has not made a decision yet.

This process may be available to correct the small number of administrative errors that have been identified in the determinations. This type of administrative amendment is not unusual.

Correcting these errors would ensure the relevant legal documents accurately reflect the decision the AER made on 30 April.

The AER considers that if it revokes and substitutes these decisions, the businesses will have 15 business days, from the date of substitution in which to appeal the final determinations.

Issued date: 
18 May 2015
AER reference: 
NR 011/15
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