Energy Made Easy website gives ACT power to compare

The Australian Energy Regulator today launched its energy price comparison website, Energy Made Easy,

AER chairman Andrew Reeves said the website is a first for small energy customers in the ACT. "The website has many benefits, whether consumers are looking for a new electricity or gas connection or just want to check how their current energy retailer compares."

"Small energy customers in the ACT can go to Energy Made Easy from nine o'clock this morning, enter their postcode, and immediately see all of the gas and electricity offers
available to them."

This is a new service, provided by the Australian Energy Regulator. Electricity and gas retailers are required by law to provide details of all of their generally available energy offers.

"Energy Made Easy provides residential and small business customers with clear, current and consistent information to help them compare offers and make more informed decisions about offers that best suit their needs."

Energy Made Easy also includes a residential electricity consumption feature. Mr Reeves said this feature is designed to help households understand their electricity usage and compare it to other households of a similar size in their area.

If you enter the 2600 postcode for Canberra, Energy Made Easy tells you that the average two-person household in Canberra uses 25 kilowatt hours of electricity per day in winter, and that winter is the most electricity intensive time of year for that household.

You can then compare the average usage to your 'actual' usage from your own electricity bill, and if you decide you want to take some simple steps to make your household more energy efficient, Energy Made Easy can help.

The consumption calculator works for households nationally and for all sizes. "Energy Made Easy is a simple and easy to use website and the AER encourages consumers to go online and have a look," Mr Reeves said.

Energy Made Easy is a requirement of the new National Energy Retail Law, which started in the Commonwealth, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania on 1 July 2012.

The National Energy Retail Law also provides small energy customers with strong protections including flexible payment options, specific rules for energy marketing and
responsibilities for energy retailers to help customers experiencing financial hardship. Find out more about your rights at

Visit Energy Made Easy at from 9am on 1 July 2012 orcontact the AER on 1300 585 165.

Issued date: 
1 July 2012
AER reference: 
NR 011/12
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