Help for energy businesses to bring new technology to market

Australia’s success in transitioning to a more renewable energy generation and storage model will be influenced by how quickly new technology and innovation will be able to enter the market.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER), along with our partners, is fostering this innovation with the Energy Innovation Toolkit – an interactive website and online portal that provides information on the regulatory regime to energy innovators and aims to reduce barriers for new energy business models. This will be supported by an enquiry service that will enable innovators to contact the AER with specific queries.

The Energy Innovation Toolkit is led by the Australian Energy Regulator and supported by the Australian Energy Market Operator, Australian Energy Market Commission, the Essential Services Commission of Victoria, and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

AER Chair Clare Savage described the new website as an exciting collaboration that will support innovation in the energy sector.

“The regulatory landscape may be overwhelming for new energy businesses wanting to enter the market and we don’t want that to be a barrier to achieving better outcomes for consumers,” Ms Savage said.

“The Energy Innovation Toolkit is a one-stop-shop for energy businesses and start-ups to access multiple regulatory bodies. It opens up a pathway for discussion to drive innovation and market competition and offers a range of resources to help businesses test ideas.”

One example available on the new website is an interactive tool that gives an immediate snapshot of what regulations may apply to a new product or service.

New energy laws expected later in the year will help broaden the online service to allow the granting of temporary waivers and trials.

The Essential Services Commission of Victoria already has powers to issue trial waivers to enable businesses to test innovative new products and services, that would ordinarily require a license, for a time-limited period.

More information is available at

Issued date: 
11 August 2022
AER reference: 
NR 54/22
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