How much energy do you use?

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is asking energy consumers in the ACT, Tasmania, and regional areas of South Australia, NSW and Queensland to complete a short survey on their energy use.

AER Chair Clare Savage said the regulator develops consumption benchmarks every three years, based on information provided in surveys like this. The data then feeds into the comparison graphs or tables on energy bills that help consumers compare their household usage with other similar-sized households in their region.

“We want consumers to be able to understand their usage and we need help from households to achieve that. We are particularly interested in hearing from people in regional Australia to ensure we have a clear picture of how and when energy is consumed,” Ms Savage said.

The more households that complete the survey, the more accurate the benchmarks and the better the information on which consumers can make decisions about their energy plan. To complete the survey, which includes providing information about your household and energy usage, visit the AER website.

“The AER works to ensure Australian energy consumers are better off now and into the future. One way we do this is by helping homes understand their usage, so they can also save on their bills,” Ms Savage said.

“Coming into winter, energy consumption and affordability are top of mind for many households. By understanding your usage compared to other homes, consumers can make better decisions about how they use their energy by being aware of their level of consumption.  

“Winter is a great time to assess your energy use and find out if you’re getting the best possible deal. Our Energy Made Easy price comparator website helps Australian energy consumers compare and find the best energy deals in their region.”

The survey closes at 11.59pm Friday 26 June 2020, AEST. Information provided by survey participants will remain confidential.

About the AER

The AER works to make all Australian energy consumers better off, now and in the future.

  • We regulate electricity networks and covered gas pipelines, in all jurisdictions except Western Australia. We set the amount of revenue that network businesses can recover from consumers for using these networks.
  • We enforce the laws for the National Electricity Market and spot gas markets in southern and eastern Australia. We monitor and report on the conduct of energy businesses and the effectiveness of competition.
  • We protect the interests of household and small business consumers by enforcing the Retail Law. Our retail energy market functions cover New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT and Queensland.
  • We drive effective competition where it is feasible and provide effective regulation where it is not. We equip consumers to participate effectively, including through our Energy Made Easy website, and protect those who are unable to safeguard their own interests. We use our expertise to inform debate about Australia’s energy future.
Issued date: 
16 June 2020
AER reference: 
NR 23/20
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