AER Chairman presents at National Consumer Roundtable on Energy

Australian Energy Regulator Chair Andrew Reeves addressed the National Consumer Roundtable on Energy in Queensland, outlining the AER’s work to build consumer confidence in the retail energy market.

“The National Energy Retail Law provides a framework to improve consumer confidence and engagement in the energy market,” Mr Reeves said.

“Our vision of a confident consumer is one who can shop around for a good deal and confidently deal with retailers before and after they sign up for a service – including when things go wrong. They understand their usage patterns, and how different factors can influence their bill.”

Mr Reeves outlined a number of AER initiatives that aim to improve energy literacy, including the AER's energy price comparison website, Energy Made Easy and the development of educational materials for consumers.

Mr Reeves provided an update on some of the key work underway at the AER to improve consumer confidence in the market. This includes a review of retailers’ billing practices, and a report on energy affordability.

He also outlined a number of initiatives aimed at increasing consumer participation and engagement in the regulatory process, including the AER’s Consumer Challenge Panel.

Transcript of speech

National Consumer Roundtable on Energy
Issued date: 
26 July 2013
AER reference: 
AS 005/13