AER Chairman presents to Energy Networks Association on better regulation

In a speech to the Energy Networks Association in Brisbane yesterday, the Australian Energy Regulator Chairman, Andrew Reeves highlighted key work the AER was undertaking in developing its approach to network regulation.

“The scope of our Better Regulation Reform Program is extensive and includes us developing guidelines on a range of key regulatory issues – including how we calculate the allowed return on assets, assess expenditure proposals, encourage efficient spending by businesses, and engage consumers in the regulatory process.”

“We believe this can help establish a better and more efficient energy sector – one that delivers in the long term interests of consumers.”

Mr Reeves noted that the work developing the guidelines is well developed – with one draft guideline released and the rest to be released shortly.

Transcript of speech

Energy Networks Association regulation seminar
Issued date: 
25 July 2013
AER reference: 
AS 004/13