Greater consumer engagement essential for energy market improvement

In a speech to CEDA in Melbourne, the Australian Energy Regulator Chairman, Andrew Reeves highlighted the importance of recent energy market reforms in improving outcomes for energy consumers.

“Better regulation, better investment decisions and better consumer engagement will result in a more efficient sector.”

“The important matters of how monopoly industries are regulated, the level of investment in energy infrastructure and how much consumers ought to pay for a safe and reliable supply of energy have come under the spotlight and certainly has been a focus of the AER’s work in recent times.”

Mr Reeves discussed the immediate and longer term implications of the energy market reforms for the AER’s work program in the areas of energy regulation and stakeholder engagement.

“Changes both to the rules framework and to the AER's processes are a part of making the energy market work better for consumers. In essence, the initiatives underway are intended to promote an interactive process in which consumers, the AER and network businesses are all involved in ensuring the services that are valued by consumers are the ones that are provided.”

Committee for economic development of Australia - Regulation
Issued date: 
24 April 2013
AER reference: 
AS 001/13
NR 009/13
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