Perspectives on the changing role of energy users

Australian Energy Regulator CEO, Michelle Groves, recently discussed both how energy users are having a greater say on the network services they receive and the cost of those services, and how consumers will become integrated into electricity markets in the future. Ms Groves presented at the 2014 Annual Energy Users Association of Australia Conference in Melbourne.

In her speech, Ms Groves highlighted how electricity network businesses will be held accountable for the services they offer users—including through the AER’s new benchmarkingwork, which will allow customers to see how their provider is performing in comparison to others. Further, the speech considers the adequacy of the current regulatory framework and whether the competition principles that underlie the regime are still relevant going forward.

Read Ms Groves's speech.

2014 Annual Energy Users Association of Australia Conference
Issued date: 
14 October 2014
AER reference: 
AS 02/14
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