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Title Type Sector Issued(asc)
AER invites submissions on Rate of Return issues Communication Electricity, Gas 17 Dec 2021
AER reports on high wholesale electricity prices on 20 October 2021 Communication Electricity 17 Dec 2021
AGL provided exemption from notice of closure requirements Communication Electricity 16 Dec 2021
Standardised SCS capex model to streamline distribution determination process Communication Electricity 16 Dec 2021
Early signal pathway EOI for January 2023 regulatory proposals Communication Electricity, Gas 14 Dec 2021
Wholesale electricity prices above $5,000 per MWh in Queensland Communication Electricity 13 Dec 2021
Significant milestone reached with AER launching its Better Resets Handbook with stakeholders Communication Electricity, Gas 9 Dec 2021
AER releases working paper for the Rate of Return Instrument 2022 Communication Electricity, Gas 9 Dec 2021
AER makes determination on NSW Government’s jurisdictional scheme application Communication Electricity 9 Dec 2021
New Customer Consultative Group appointed Communication Electricity, Gas 8 Dec 2021
Aatlis Utilities Pty Ltd granted variation of individual exemption for Aatlis Utlities Distribution Area Communication Electricity 7 Dec 2021
Consultation now open on AusNet Services’ storms cost pass through 2020–21 application Communication Electricity 7 Dec 2021
Enel Energy Australia Pty Ltd granted electricity retailer authorisation Communication Electricity 7 Dec 2021
AER decision on the revocation and substitution of QLD and SA electricity distribution control mechanisms Communication Electricity 6 Dec 2021
APA fined over alleged gas breaches News release Gas 6 Dec 2021
Rate of Return annual update for 2021 released Communication Electricity, Gas 3 Dec 2021
AER begins review of incentive schemes for regulated networks Communication Electricity, Gas 2 Dec 2021
With energy debt up, the AER calls for better customer hardship support from retailers News release Electricity, Gas 30 Nov 2021
Annual electricity benchmarking reports released alongside a new consultation paper on capitalisation Communication Electricity 29 Nov 2021
Energy Dispatch 42 out now Communication Electricity, Gas 29 Nov 2021