State of the energy market reports

State of the energy market is the AER’s annual report on the energy industry. It covers Australia’s wholesale electricity and gas markets, the transmission and distribution networks, and energy retail markets. The 13th edition of the report was published in July 2021. Among its features is a chapter on the rapid transformations taking place in the electricity sector. Also available are data sets for the report’s charts.

State of the energy market is unique for both the scope of material covered and its audience reach. It covers all sectors of the energy market. It also takes a long term view – its analysis of policy and markets extends over years and some data series go back to market start.

The report highlights trends and issues across the industry, consolidating material from sources including the AER’s market performance reports, data monitoring and regulatory reviews of energy networks, and external resources. The text also plays an educative role in explaining how complex markets and regulatory models work. This report provides a working understanding of how the energy industry operates so readers can make their own assessment of the issues.

The report aims for non-technical language to reach a wide audience that includes market participants, policy makers, journalists and the wider community. Our stakeholders frequently remind us how much they value this publication as a ready source of unbiased and up-to-date information.