State of the energy market reports

Since 2007, the Australian Energy Regulator has reported to policy-makers, industry and the Australian community on the state of the energy market.

This report provides independent and reliable information about what’s happening in Australia’s wholesale electricity and gas markets, the transmission and distribution networks and the rapidly evolving retail sector. It draws on a range of sources, including our market performance reports, internal monitoring and intelligence, regulatory reviews of energy networks, and external resources. The report uses non-technical language to consolidate this material, highlighting trends and key issues across the electricity and gas industries. The report consists of a market overview, supported by chapters on the electricity, gas and energy retail sectors. It focuses on activity over the past 12–18 months in those jurisdictions in which the AER has regulatory responsibilities.

The 11th edition of State of the energy market was published in December 2018. The 12th edition is scheduled for May 2020. To bridge the gap between these editions, the AER in November 2019 updated data for charts and tables appearing in the 2018 edition. The new data was published in two instalments. New data on wholesale electricity and gas markets was published on 7 November 2019, and new data on retail energy markets, electricity networks and gas pipelines was published on 27 November 2019.