State of the energy market 2009

State of the energy market
Release date: 
8 December 2009


On the 8 December 2009 the AER published the third State of the enegry market report.

The State of the energy market report provides an overview of Australia's electricity and natural gas markets. It supplements the more technical reports the AER publishes and is written for a wide audience including government, industry and the broader community.

The 2009 edition consists of a market overview, supported by 11 chapters on the electricity and natural gas sectors. The report also includes an essay—an assessment by EnergyQuest of the state of the natural gas industry, focusing on the growing integration of Australian and global energy markets.

This year’s edition provides increased coverage of energy policy and regulatory developments, including the AER’s recent activity. The market overview considers major issues across the energy sector over the past 12–18 months, including the implications of climate change policies and the global financial crisis.

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