AEMC rule change - Distribution network planning and expansion framework

The rule change request stems from the Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC) Review of National Framework for Electricity Distribution Network Planning and Expansion (the review). The AEMC made a number of recommendations to the Ministerial Council on Energy (MCE) in September 2009 regarding the establishment of a new national framework for distribution network planning. A proposed rule to implement the new arrangements was also published, for consideration by the MCE.

In September 2010, the MCE provided its response to the AEMC’s Final Report. Overall, the MCE expressed support for the AEMC’s findings and recommendations. On 30 March 2011 the MCE requested that the AEMC progress a rule change request. The rule change proposal is largely based on the proposed rule developed by the AEMC during the review.

Consultation paper

On 29 September 2011, the AEMC commenced consultation on the rule change request and published a staff consultation paper. On 24 November 2011 we provided a submission on the proposed rule and consultation paper.

AER submission to AEMC consultation paper - Distribution network planning and expansion framework proposed rule change - 24 November 2011 ( PDF 509.21 KB )

Draft rule determination

On 14 July 2012, the AEMC published a draft rule and draft determination on the Ministerial Council on Energy’s rule change proposal.

On 9 August 2012 we provided a broadly supportive submission on the AEMC’s draft rule determination. The submission focused on the proposed RIT -D and the importance of competitive neutrality under the RIT-D.

AER submission on AEMC Distribution Network planning and expansion framework rule change (draft determination) - 9 August 2012 ( PDF 457.03 KB | DOC 156 KB )

More information

More information on AEMC's distribution network planning and expansion framework rule change can be found on the AEMC website.