AEMC rule change on the assumed utilisation of imputation credits

On 18 November 2011, SP AusNet submitted the Varying Cost of Corporate Income Tax rule change request to the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC). Similarly, on 30 November 2011, ElectraNet submitted the Assumed Utilisation of Imputation Credits rule change request. As both rule change requests concern the value of gamma (γ) that is applied to the coming revenue determinations for SP AusNet and ElectraNet, the Commission consolidated these rule change requests and treated them as one request.

Consultation paper

On 26 April 2012 the AER provided a submission in relation to the value of gamma.

AER submission to AEMC rule change request - value of the gamma - 26 April 2012 ( PDF 910.94 KB )

Draft submission

On 10 August 2012 we provided a supportive submission on the AEMC’s draft rule determination. The submission agreed with the AEMC’s position that all WACC variables need to be assessed at the one time.

Submission on AEMC Assumed utilisation of imputation credits rule change (draft determination) - 10 August 2012 ( PDF 789.77 KB )

More information

More information on AEMC's assumed utilisation of imputation credits rule change can be found on the AEMC website.