Department of Human Services’ independent review of the Centrepay system

In November 2012 Senator Kim Carr announced an independent review into Centrepay.

The Centrepay review will:

  • examine the controls, risk management and administrative processes in place to ensure the Centrepay service is used in a way that protects people’s entitlements
  • examine the approaches taken to ensure Centrepay is used to distribute money to legitimate organisations providing services to people on a fair and reasonable basis, and the associated contract management approaches used
  • provide suggestions about which businesses and services should have access to the Centrepay service, and services that might be excluded
  • look at ways in which Centrepay can be used to build the financial capability of its customers and to assist them to manage their money in the best way possible
  • examine the complaints and feedback mechanisms associated with Centrepay to ensure that issues are resolved in a fair way
  • examine how Centrepay relates to other financial products and services available to the Department’s customers, and
  • suggest future opportunities and directions for the Centrepay service.

On 8 April 2013 we provided a joint submission with the ACCC, highlighting concerns with Centrepay and potential ways of mitigating these concerns.

AER-ACCC Joint submission to Human Services on the Independent Review of the Centrepay System - 8 April 2013 ( PDF 725.15 KB )