Department of Industry - Energy White Paper

The Energy White Paper will set out the Australian Government’s position on energy policy.

Issues paper

On 12 February 2014 the AER provided the Energy White Paper taskforce with a submission to the November 2013 issues paper.

The AER encourages the Government to take up the challenge of setting out a vision for the industry and a set of principles to be followed as we transition to the smart electricity grid of the future.

AER submission to Energy White Paper issues paper - 12 February 2014 ( PDF 121.11 KB | DOCX 104.71 KB )

Green Paper

The Australian Energy Regulator has made a submission to the Energy White Paper – Green Paper. The White Paper will set out the Australian Government’s position on energy policy going forward.

Electricity networks are entering a period of fundamental change. Drivers such as demand uncertainty, network cost pressures, the need to integrate renewable generation and electric vehicles, and the change brought about by new technologies, will impact the way energy is delivered to and by consumers in the future.

The AER finds that the current regulatory framework can accommodate changes in technology and market developments, and enables competition. The framework has also been strengthened by recent reforms and our Better Regulation guidelines.

AER submission to Energy White paper (Green paper) - 7 November 2014 ( PDF 212.2 KB )

More information

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