Regulated wholesale participants submit voluntary self-reports to the AER where they have identified breaches of the relevant national energy laws and rules.

Compliance reporting

Where a compliance issue or suspected compliance issue is likely to have significant consequences, or has the potential to cause serious harm, the issue should be immediately self-reported to the AER. All other instances of non-compliance identified should also be self-reported to the AER as soon as possible after the conduct has been identified and assessed.

The guidance note, Submitting wholesale energy self-reports to the AER specifies the manner in which wholesale electricity and gas market participants should submit information and data relating to their compliance issues using the Wholesale energy self-reporting template. This template is a centralised reporting tool based on a set of quantitative and qualitative questions via a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

For consistency in the reporting process, once a report has been submitted, it will be allocated through the AER’s Compliance Assessment Reporting team.