AER retail energy market update - July to December 2012

Retail energy market update
Release date: 
28 March 2013


This first compliance update provides an overview of compliance issues in the ACT and Tasmania from July to December 2012, including discussion of the AER’s compliance monitoring and enforcement activities. The AER has also released  a complementary update for consumer caseworkers and intermediaries, providing background information on areas of the National Energy Retail Law and Rules discussed in the compliance update.

This document is part of a suite of publications providing information about energy retailers’ compliance and performance, which also includes:

  • Retail Energy Market Update: Performance (published quarterly)
  • Retail Energy Market Update: Current Customer Issues - notes for case workers (published six-monthly).

The AER will provide a more comprehensive report and analysis of retail market compliance in its annual retail market compliance report 2012-13 (to be published in November 2013).