Aurora Energy fined for alleged customer life support breaches

Infringement notice
Release date: 
12 August 2022
Related provisions: 

Rules 124(1)(b), 124A(1)(b), 125(1) of the National Energy Retail Rules


$203,400 in penalties


Energy retailer Aurora Energy has paid penalties totalling $203,400 following the issuing of three infringement notices by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

The AER issued the infringement notices as it had reasonable grounds to believe that Aurora Energy had breached rules 124(1)(b), 124A(1)(b) and 125(1) of the National Energy Retail Rules by failing to:

  • send customers information packs within five business days of the customer advising of the life support equipment requirement;
  • send reminder notices to customers who had not returned a medical confirmation form; and
  • send a deregistration notice to customers prior to deregistering their life support registration.