Compliance Check - retailer-initiated de-energisation

Compliance check
Release date: 
28 April 2015


The Australian Energy Regulator has been notified that some retailers have not followed the correct process prior to arranging de-energisation of a customer's premises for non-payment of a bill. The AER has issued a compliance check to highlight the steps which must be taken by retailers under the National Energy Retail Rules prior to arranging de-energisation.

Potential non-compliance with the National Energy Retail Law and Retail Rules is assessed by the AER in accordance with its Compliance and Enforcement Policy. The AER will consider a range of factors in deciding on an appropriate response to particular conduct, and will take steps with the regulated entity involved. Part of the AER’s response may include issuing a compliance check for the broader industry to highlight the relevant obligations and to emphasise the importance of effective compliance processes and systems.