NSW electricity distributors pay infringement notice penalties regarding life support obligations

Infringement notice
Release date: 
2 February 2015
Related provisions: 

Rule 125(2)(d) of the National Energy Retail Rules (NERR).

Rule 125(2)(b) of the NERR.

Rule 107(3) of the NERR.


Five infringement notices issued with a total infringement penalty of $100 000.


Three New South Wales distribution businesses - Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy, and Ausgrid - have paid penalties totaling $100 000 following the issue of infringement notices by the AER in relation to incidents in which customers known to require life support equipment lost electricity supply unexpectedly.

Infringement notice penalties are $20 000 per notice. The AER issued one infringement notice to Ausgrid, two infringement notices to Endeavour Energy and two infringement notices to Essential Energy.