Electricity bill benchmarks for residential customers 2011

Electricity bill benchmarks
Date initiated: 
20 December 2011
Date completed: 
25 May 2012
Effective date: 
1 July 2012
AER reference: 


The National Energy Retail Rules requires energy retailers to include electricity consumption benchmarks on the electricity bills of residential customers. This information will enable customers to compare their household electricity usage with that of households of a similar size in their local zone.

ACIL Tasman, under contract to the Consumer Information and Implementation Committee (CIIC), developed the benchmarks. Published below are:

  • ACIL Tasman's December 2011 report to the CIIC, Electricity bill benchmarks for residential customers.
  • The electricity bill benchmarks developed by ACIL Tasman. This dataset contains seasonal electricity consumption benchmarks for one to six person households for each local zone.

In May 2012, the AER published ‘Guidance on electricity consumption benchmarks on residential customers’ bills’. The guidance aims to assist energy retailers in complying with their obligations regarding the electricity consumption benchmarks. It does not include additional requirements but provides the AER’s view on how compliance with the electricity consumption benchmarks obligations could be met.

The Guidance was developed in consultation with various stakeholders including energy retailers, the Energy Retailers Association of Australia (ERAA), the Consumer Information and Implementation Committee (CIIC), the AER’s Customer Consultative Group (CCG) and the Joint Implementation Group (JIG).